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Supporting Our Seniors At Home
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How Easthampton Neighbors Can Help You or Someone You Know:

In-Home Services

Change smoke and CO detectors

Delivery of food/goods, carry in packages

Move, unclutter household items

Home fixes; changing a bulb to flipping a mattress

Occasional garden help

Pet care, dog walking

Water plants and pick up mail while you’re away


Technical assistance: Set up phone, email, and more….




  • Rides to appointments, grocery shopping, errands, social events
  • Short trips around Easthampton. You must be able to get in and out of a car without assistance.


  • Take notes at Doctor’s Office
  • Phone check-in
  • Pre/post hospital stay visits

Neighborly Social Visits (lasting an hour)

  • Provide companionship and conversation
  • Offer free time for a caregiver
  • Bring music to listen to (create playlist of senior favorites)
  • Read aloud from books, newspapers
  • Play card games, board games

Services Easthampton Neighbors Does Not Provide:

Home repairs and services that require a licensed professional

Services to individuals who are bed-bound, frail or not ambulatory

Medical services, such as medication maintenance or medical transport assistance


Our Village provides many programs for members and volunteers in collaboration with The Easthampton COA and the Friends of Easthampton COA

Group Activities.   
Walking Group
 Book Group

Educational Events  

Concerts and Theater



In the future: 

We plan to maintain lists of vendors in the following areas.  

These vendors will be recommended by our volunteers and members.  We have not vetted these vendors or received any consideration for listing them.  We will give you several names and let you select the best vendor.

Appliance repair
Auto repair
Chimney sweep
Computer repair
Exterminator/pest removal
Gutter cleaning or any chore using a ladder larger than a step stool
In-home hairdressing services
Heating and a/c service
House cleaning 
Home maintenance
Landscaping beyond a small yard or garden task
Personal care
Pet care/boarding
Snow plowing
Window cleaning


         Easthampton Neighbors is a proud member of the Village to Village Network