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Supporting Our Seniors At Home
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How much does it cost to join?
Membership if free. There is no charge for any service that can be provided by one of our volunteers.
Is there an age requirement to be a member?
Anyone age 18 and over may sign up to be a member of Easthampton Neighbors. Those under the age of 18 may participate as part of a household membership or when providing services through a school or approved community program.

However, Only members 55 and over may receive services.
Who may receive volunteer services?

Members age 55 and older may receive services provided by our volunteers.

What Services do you provide

Transportation – We will take you pretty much anywhere you’d like to go in the greater Easthampton region:  medical, dental, veterinary, physical therapy or hair dresser appointments, for example, or errands, shopping and social and cultural events.   

Light Home Maintenance
 – This includes small handyman services such as changing screens, storing and retrieving air conditioners, changing light bulbs, organizing summer/winter clothing or deck furniture and changing smoke detector batteries. 

Selected Technical Support
 – Having trouble understanding your TV remote or your new printer?  Need a refresher on how to use a web browser?  We’ll help with these and other modest technical or IT questions.

General Support
 – We provide respite and social visits to seniors who can’t leave home and their caregivers who need a break.  And we’ll help with your mail or organizing your paperwork and run a quick errand if you can’t get out. 


What area do we serve?

We serve members from Easthampton, MA and will transport within Easthampton city limits  depending on volunteer availability.

We will take requests for out of area transportation to select destinations for medical appointments, but cannot promise that volunteers would be available. Such transport may require extra fees or mileage charges, those should be arranged through our volunteer coordinator.  The fees will be charged to the member and then paid via Easthampton Neighbors to the volunteer.

Are there services that volunteers do not provide?

A few things we won’t do – Anything requiring a license other than for driving, such as plumbing or electrical work.  Any handyman chore that takes more than about 2 hours.  Anything that involves personal or medical care, such as bathing, dressing or feeding, or giving medications.  Anything requiring a fiduciary relationship, such as writing checks.

Transportation Limitations:-We are not licensed to transport for those who require full assist transportation (wheelchair van, lifting assistance, etc.)  Members able to stand from a wheelchair and into a vehicle without lift help, or able to use a walker or cane may be transported by volunteers at the discretion of the volunteer.

How do I become a volunteer (service provider)

We welcome volunteers!

Anyone age 18 and older (or under 18 in a household membership or part of an approved educational/community group) may sign up to become a volunteer.

Volunteers do not need to sign up as members, but are encouraged to do so.

Members (even those receiving services) may also be volunteers.

The Process:
1. Sign-up: On line or download a volunteer form from the website and mail to us . Just click the button:Become a Volunteer
2. You will be contacted by a volunteer coordinator to obtain additional information and to arrange an orientation session.
3. All applicants undergo a background check (CORI check) regarding any felony records.
4. Once fully vetted you will be approved as a volunteer and will have access to our volunteer system.


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